New ToysEdit

It was an ordinary day. Except for:

"Becca!" cried Dawn. "You have GOT to stop doing that!"

"Sorry." said Becca guiltily. She had been playing with some vines, and accidently tied them around her sister. "You know I get absent-minded easily." She waved her finger in an upward motion, and the vine unraveled.

The rest of the witches and wizards came in. 6 was explaining some new toy of hers to Kaida.

"It's called the Platonic-Anniballic-Ischusmoses-Negrabatonifying-Igrafull-Nembly-Tavolstic-Heraldind-Estaful-Amociousness-Semplifier-Shinericator, or the Pain in the A-"

"We know, we know, you don't need to say it again!" 5 snapped. 6 rolled her eyes at her, then turned back to Kaida.

"Anyways, I'm not exactly sure what it does, and I ain't testing it until I know what subject to test it on." 6 explained.

"Good idea" 7 concluded, then turned to Kaida. "Last time, was not pretty."

(Cue Flashback)

"OK, kid, sit still. I want to try this on ya" 6 barked at eleven-year-old Phineas Flynn, who was sitting in what looked like a professional photographer's studio. 6 was holding what looked like a camera and was fiddling and re-fiddling with it.

"What it is?" Phineas asked.

"It's supposed to be an eye-surge thing that gives you negative 20/20 vision." 6 explained.

"Negative 20/20 vision?" the young boy asked.

"Yeah, you know, witch vision. Alright kid, I suppose now is when I tell you to say cheese." 6 replied before clicking something on the eye-surgery camera. The room filled with a blinding white light. When it finally subsided, Phineas was gone. "Kid? Kid, where'd you go?" 6 asked.

"I'm right here" replied Phinea's voice.

"Oh crud." 6 said as she realized what happened. "Um..." She fiddled with the camera some more, then tried again. Phineas came back, although his color was somewhat off. "Agh, now I'll hafta re-ink ya" 6 sighed as she pulled out what appeared to be a package of colored pencils. She pressed a hidden button on the box and, poof!, Phineas's color scheme was back to normal. "Now tell me, how many dust motes are floating around the ceiling right now?" 6 asked him.

Phineas looked up and squinted at the bright lights. "Um... 20?" he guessed.

"Way off. Several thousand. 5,577 particles of dust, to be exact. And, now I still have to work this babe." 6 sighed again.

(End Flashback)

"It turns out, the eye-surge camera only works on girls! Can you believe it? And I still think I put too much red into Phineas's hair" 6 cried.

"It's OK, girl, you did just fine. Besides, the re-inker's been working for centuries now! Why would it make a mistake?" 7 responded soothingly.

"Yeah, suppose you're right" 6 mused.

"Hey, that reminds me of my 'Frozen Dihydroxide Ultracapacitor Negative Growth' 998th protective necklace." said Kaida. "I've already tested it it, but can you give it a try?"

"Well, I guess.." replied 6.

Kaida smiled. "Thanks 6! Here, put this on." She pulled out a necklace with a gold chain and an ice cube pendant. She flew over to Christalyn. "Hey

Christie, can you-" Kaida whispered into her ear.

Christalyn nodded. "As long as you can restore her to her original state."

"Don't worry, I can." Kaida reassured her.

"Alright then. ZAPERA!" Christalyn called.

A silver dragon flew in, and nudged Christalyn affectionately.

"When the dragon approaches fiercely-" Kaida stopped talking. "I SAID when the DRAGON approaches FIERCELY..."

Christalyn got the hint and whispered into the dragon's ear. Zapera wasn't always exactly fierce.

"Alright, so 6" continued Kaida. "When the dragon approaches fiercely, open then ice cube, or crush it, or whatever, K?"

"Well, I-" 6 started to reply.

Zapera rushed toward her.

"NOW!" shouted Kaida.

6 opened the cube.

Electricity fizzled out of the cube, and struck Zapera.

Zapera started shrinking to the size of a horse, then a cat, then a rat.

Kaida picked up Zapera. "Perfect!" she said. She pulled out her Sapphire Star and flipped a lever.

Zapera returned to her original size. At that moment, 6's Pain started glowing and pulled 6 towards Zapera. 6 opened her mouth to say something, then decided against it and pressed a button on the Pain. It shot a laser at Zapera, turning the silver dragon purple. 6 pressed another button, and Zapera turned yellow.

"Looks like the Pain ain't exactly a Pain." 5 joked.

"It's a PAIN that it ain't a Pain" 6 retaliated, as she presed a button turning the dragon a bright indigo. "Now THAT'S more like it!" she exclaimed. "And now I need to make modifications" she muttered as she fiddled with the Pain.

"Don't worry, she's OK. It's only a dragon-pigment changer" 8 said to no one in paticular. ==

Old Friends seek helpEdit

Becca stopped playing with some flowers and stood up. "Hey... I can sense..."

The three Kuzbainian counterparts float in.

Dawn and Zo looked at each other.

"Help!" cried Kuz Raya urgently. "An evil witch invaded our homeworld, and she won't leave!" Kuz Smilez said desperately. "She's causing problems for us all!"

Suddenly a mini tornado swirled in to the room.

Mysti jumped out of it, and it disappeared. "I just heard that the Kuzbainians are having problems we've got to go to see if they need-"

She looked over at the Kuzbainians. "A little late there Mysti.." Kaida said.

"Oh, ya think?" 10 snapped sarcastically.

"Jake, where is she?" 1 asked. Everyone looked towards Jacob.

"She's on Kuzbain..." he replied confusedly.

"Well, no dip, she means, where on Kuzbain, dimwit." 10 said.

1 rolled her eyes. "She's a bit of a crank today..." she apologized.

"Shocker" 9 said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Oh right, I knew that" Jacob said hastily.

"No you didn't, bro" J. Smith laughed, punching him lightly in the shoulder.

"Well, I don't know. I'd have to actually be on Kuzbain to be able to see him" Jacob explained.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" 1 exclaimed.

"How? We don't know where it is." 7 asked.

"It's right here" 6 said, pulling out her globe positioning system, or GPS for short, and pointing at a blinking dot. "But it's pretty far off, even by flight."

"Gee, if only we had someone who could teleport us to Kuzbain." 3 said sarcastically, making a big show of tapping her finger on her chin and casually glancing at Meagan.

"Yeah, I wish we did too." sighed Meagan.

Everyone looked at Meagan. "What?" she asked.

"You're kidding, right?" Mysti asked her sister.

"Yes, yes I am." replied Meagan, grinning. "K everyone, hold on!"

"Thank you." Kuz Raya said gratefully.

There's a flash, and they're gone.

The Evil WitchEdit

A woman sat in a cave on a throne made of stone. She had thick, curly black hair and a green, frayed dress with strange symbols on it.The woman sat starting straight ahead, unmoving. Then she directed her gaze to a small stone pillar on the cave floor next to her. There rested a silver cloudy orb. The woman opened her mouth and spoke. "Show me who is venturing nearer." The orb unclouded to reveal a group of people walking. She leaned closer. "They are witches and wizards..." she murmured. "And...... those three trouble-making Kuzbainians! They are plotting to stop me. They must not get to the orb." I need to keep them away!" The orb clouded over again. She leaned back in her chair. "I need to drain this place as soon as possible."

Track her downEdit

"Alright, everybody follow Jacob. He'll know where to find her." 1 commanded.

"So wait, who exactly am I looking for?" Jacob asked.

"Some chic named Bluraz" Kuz Smilez replied.

"OK..." Jacob put his head into his hands, closed his eyes, and focused. Opening his eyes, he pointed in a certain direction, exclaiming, "She's this way!"

"Don't go too fast, Jake. We want to be able to follow you." 1 joked.

Everybody started to follow Jacob when 6 exclaimed, "Stop!"

"Stop tellin' me what to do-o" 1 sang in response.

"Don't!" 6 exclaimed excitedly, catching on to the cheesy Hairspray reference.

"Don't treat me like a child of two-o" 3 sang back.


"I know that you want what's be-est" 5 replied nasally in a very poor Tracy Turnblad impersonation.


"But Mother, please-" 7 started

"Give it a re-est!" the DW's finished. 10 added a deep "ba-doom-boom-boom"

"Did you stop us just so you could start singing "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now?"" J. Smith snapped at them.

"No, no we didn't. Actually, quite the opposite. I sense some sort of strange energy nearby..." 6 explained.

Others forgottenEdit

"SALTINE!!!" yelled Goldfish

"WHAT!?" Saltine yelled, mocking her step-brother.

"Where are all the witches and wizards? The only ones left are you and Luca!" Goldfish responded.

"Uh, I think Number 1 said something about Kuzbain..." Agent interrupted

"Did they go to Kuzbain? Without me? That's meh place!" Goldfish exclaimed

"Uh, you've never actually been there!" Agent reminded him

"OKAY! Is there any way we could get there? Wait, Sparkleworks!" Luca said as she came in with sparks flying.

"What?" Sparkleworks said as she came in the room.

"Cool, I guess theres 3 witches left!" Goldfish exclaimed with glee.

"So, why'd you call me in here?" Sparkles wondered.

"Well, we gotta get to Kuzbain..." Goldfish answered.

"And we can't go on our own..." Agent added

"So we want you to cast a spell to get us there" Saltine finished.

"Okay, 'Grumply Grumply Gree, Kuzbain is where we want to be' " Sparkles said as they teleported to Kuzbain.

R.U.S.S.I.A.N R.O.U.L.E.T.T.E.Edit

6 appeared to be working on some new toy.

"So, 6, what'cha workin' on?" 1 asked in an Isabella impersination.

"I call it the Radical-Underlying-Smelling-Snaring-Indigana-Alabama-Noticeable Random-Outlying-Underfying-Laminating-Energy-Tactifying-Tracking-Emblem" 6 announced proudly, holding up what appeared to be a glowing emblem that switched from indigo to gold to purple and back to indigo again.

"The R.U.S.S.I.A.N. R.O.U.L.E.T.T.E.?" 7 asked.

"I heart that song!" 1 exclaimed.

"Same! It's so sad!" 10 agreed.

"What's it do?" 7 asked her.

"Remember earlier when I said I sensed a strange energy?" 6 asked them. Everyone nodded. "Well, I designed this babe so that we'll be able to go see what it is. Maybe it'll take us to Bluraz, or even better, lead us to some new toy that will help us defeat her!" she explained. She pressed an invisible button on the emblem. A glowing red arrow pointed forward. "It's this way!"

"Weird... so's Bluraz." said Jacob.

"Well, let's get a move on!" said Amber. Becca gasped.

"What's wrong?" asked Dawn.

"Well-" Becca started, when our friends, previously trapped on earth, appeared right in front of them.

"Uhh, what'cha doooooin?" Goldfish said in another Isabella impression.

"Tracking...Bluraz" Answered 6.

The woman was staring into her orb again. "They are still coming..." she whispered. "I need to keep them out." She raised her hand and pointed at the cave entrance. Boulders and vines covered the opening.

The group arrived at the opening of the cave, covered so it just looks like a small mountain.

"Th-this can't be right," 6 stuttered, "According to the R.U.S.S.I.A.N. R.O.U.L.E.T.T.E., the energy is inside this small mountain!"

"Well that can't be right. 6's stuff is always right" Goldfish stated the obvious.

The Kuzbainians look confused. "This wasn't here before" said Kuz Agent.

"No dip. Well, maybe some gum will help us think" Agent said, handing a piece of Trident Layers to everyone.

"Uh, gum?"

"Ah, here I am, ready to start my new life on earth-okay, where is everyone? Agent!? Smilez?! Raya?! Marcella?! Anyone!?" Asduf said, going crazy from lack of living companions.

The T.T.T is offEdit

"Laidies and gentle-wizards, may I present to you the most in the morning of the making-" 6 abruptly cut herself off. "What?"

"Cut the monologue and show us the toy." 5 said, exasperated.

"It's called the Whatictula-Halleberry-Andrelea-Thumficating-'Crashericating-Howlingifyer-Alafratin Showingimator-Alaboomdebooming-Yaweregonnakillthismoutainathingymahthingy?" 6 explained.

"What'cha sa-ay? Mmm, that you only meant well" 1 sang.

"Quiet, 1. Anyways, my plan has several steps. Step 1," 6 started, tossing the orange gadget to Dawn, Goldfish and Zo, "is time-travel. You three are gonna go to the future. Far into the future. You're gonna find a chick named Aya Fuse. Her stats are programmed on the What'cha Sa-ay? She's gonna have a hovercam named Moggle. Well, assuming she hasn't thrown Moggle in the water by that point. Anyways, you're gonna bring Moggle back, without Aya's knowledge, and give it to me. K'K, we good?" 6 explained, singing the name of her new toy. "Good luck" said Kuz Smilez.

Zo, Goldfish, and Dawn nodded, then took a portal out of here and into a whole new world.

"Wow... " was all the trio could say.

They were surronded by people of all shapes and sizes. Literally. Some people were super-pale and had very sharp features; others were more rounded. Their skin colors ranged from death-white to coal-black, and literally every shade in between. Some people even had skin that changed colors, from red to blue to green to back again! People that looked alike were clustered into groups.

"So, who are we looking for again?" Dawn asked.

"Someone named Aya Fuse. 6 said that her stats were programmed into the W.H.A.T.'C.H.A. S.A.Y.?, but she didn't say it would be easy to- oh!" Zo cut herself off as a tiny screen on the gadget displayed the stats of Aya Fuse. "Let's see, she's a girl, about 15, large nose, seen with the Sly Girls or with hovercam Moggle, face rank 451, 396." She turned off the stats. "What's a face rank?"

"Beats me. Who're the Sly Girls?" asked Goldfish.

"Why is her large nose so important?" asked Dawn.

"Look" Zo answered, pointing. Everybody had the same nose size, though they were different shapes. "How did they pull that off?" Dawn and Goldfish shrugged. "Perhaps somebody else will know what's going on."

As if reading her mind, a girl, about 15, with a strange thing in her arm and weird green things spinning in her eyes, and a nose larger than the noses of everybody else that surronded them, approached, asking "Are you lost?"

"Yes, yes we are." replied Goldfish.

"Where are you going?"

"Actually, we're looking for somebody named Aya Fuse" Dawn explained.

The girl looked rather flustered, then stuttered "O-oh, th-that's me."

"Hi, Aya, I'm Dawn Froza, these are my friends, Goldfish Darkskull, and Zola-noro-ama Jenkins, but you can call her Zo for short." Dawn introduced.

"Dawn and Goldfish. Those are strange names" Aya mused. "I've heard Zo somewhere before... but where's your face rank?"

"Face rank?" asked Goldfish.

"You know, how popular you are? Don't you have an eyescreen?" she asked them, pointing to the green things in here eyes. "Or a skintenna feed?" she asked, pointing at the thing on her arm.

"Um... no?" Zo replied.

"So wait, why are you looking for me?" Aya asked them.

At that point, a small object peeked out from behind Aya's back. It flashed brightly once, causing Goldfish, Zo, and Aya to wince. Only Dawn could stand the light. She could control it, after all.

"Moggle, behave. You know that's totally blind-making" Aya told the hovercam, then turned to the time travelers. "Sorry about that. Don't you wish you had infra-red?" she asked them. Zo, Dawn, and Goldfish looked at each other confusedly.

"You mean Infra Red of-" Goldfish started asking, before being interrupted by a male voice calling out "Aya!"

She looked away to see who it was. Zo took the oppertunity to grab Moggle and the trio returned to Kuzbain.

Lair UnguardedEdit

"Okay! We got Moggle. Now what? And why is it so important?" Goldfish asked, confusedly. "Because, we need Moggle for later..." 6 said with a mysterious tone. She trapped Moggle in a sense-proof box, then pulled what looked like a water gun out of nowhere. "This is the Firing-Isochist-Vlaking-Energy-Swapping-Iodine-Xenonical-Elven-"

"Elven? Excuse me?" John interrupted.

"Lactine-Excersising-Veteran-Etochy-Nomiscil. Yes, elven, don't ask." 6 finished.

"The Five-Six-Eleven? What?" 7 asked.

"You heard that right. It's a toy 5 and I-"

"You and FIVE have actually been working on something together?" 7 interrupte.

"Yes. Yes we have" 5 answered.

"What is it about people and inturrupting today?" Six asked nobody in paticular. "Anyways, it's a body fuser. That's why I was working with 5" she explained, shooting a glance at 7. "She knows more about this kind of stuff than I do." The other DW's gasped.

"You just admitted that 5 knows more than you do on a subject" said 7.

"And 5 didn't even make an immature comment" added 3.

5 and 6 rolled their eyes. "Quit it" they said unanimously. "Anyways, Step 2 is probably the simplest part of the plan. I fuse my body with 2's. No offense, Amber" she said, shooting another glance at the RayaWitch, "but it hasn't been tested on non-DW's yet. You know, play it safe." Amber nodded. "Anyways, now I'll have my techy wisdom and 2's shape-shifing. You see, Moggle ain't just a normal hovercam." she started.

"Is there any such thing as a normal hovercam?" 5 mumbled. The DW's breathed a sigh of relief.

"Ignoring. Anyways, Moggle only responds to her master, in this case Aya, so what I'll do is assume Aya's shape and voice, then Moggle will do what I say! Genuis, right?" Everybody agreed, except for 5. "So, 2, ready for this?" 6 asked. 2 blinked. "Yes, it's been tested on DW's. Me and 5, to be exact." 6 answered the unasked question. 5 shuddered. 2 floated foward hesitantly. "Alright, here goes" 6 said, aiming the 5-6-11 at 2. A beam of light shot from the gun, and when everybody - including the light witches - recovered, someone new was standing where 6 once was. She looked like 6, except her top was a camoflauge orange-and-indigo, and her scars less visible. "Success." she said. "Now, for the Aya form." Two seconds later, the 2-6 hybrid was gone, and Aya Fuse had taken her place. She released Moggle then continued in Aya's voice."Step 3" she said. "Seven, I need 7 invisibility cloaks, 5 regular, 1 littlie-sized, and 1 human-sized." she ordered. 7 drew the cloaks, then tossed them to 6, who in turn tossed one to Becca, Aaron, Christalyn, 8, Luca, and Sparkles, in that order. She kept one for herself. "People with the invisibility cloaks are gonna put them on - duh - while the rest of you guys jet. Then, Becca will try to open up the mountain using her power to control earth. Aaron will help if necessary, Christalyn, 8, and Luca will provide backup, Sparkles can cast a spell if she abso-tively, posi-lutely needs to, but only if you abso-tively, posi-lutely need to, Sparkles, and if all else fails, I'll design something that will save our butts. Understand so far?" Everybody nodded. "Then, I'll send Moggle in there to find out what the heck's going on. Why, do you ask, would I ask a mere hovercam to do my dirty work when I have the tools to accomplish it from my own living room? Because I have no clue what the frick's in there, so I'll have Moggle take a coupla shots before I start venturing in their myself. Cah-pee-shay?" she explained. Everybody nodded again. "Alright, people with invisibility cloaks put them on, everyone else run." She looked the Kuzbainains. "Or.. float." Everybody did as she said.

"Now Becca!" Aya's voice.

Becca looked the boulders. "I can move these" she thought. "Easy".

She stared deep into the boulders, seeing it's Earthglow. Or rather, TRYING seeing its Earthglow.

"What's wrong? Do it!" said 6 with Aya's voice.

"I'll try" Becca put her hands out. The boulders and vines shivered, then stopped. "That's weird, why won't it they move?" wondered Becca aloud. "This calls for a different method." She leaned and pressed her hand to the ground. The ground quaked, causing everyone but Becca to fall over. The rocks crumbled, and the vines mysteriously slithered out of the way, revealing a door with a lock. Becca almost laughed. "Really, for a evil witch guarding a her... lair of some sort, this almost too easy." She touched the metal lock and it disappeared. The door opened.

"OK, Moggle, I want you to go in there and take videos of whatever you find. Stay hidden though!" Aya's voice commanded the hover cam. Moggle flashed once, blinding everybody, and flew inside.

"Now what?" 8 asked 6 in Aya's body.

"We wait."

Moggle FilmsEdit

Moggle continued deeper into the cave. As soon as it picked up a sound, it ducked behind stalagmite. It started filming.

The woman looked at her orb, that was now almost 3/4 black. "Yes.." she drawled. "I've almost drained all of the energy from here. Good thing there is no Protector of Kuzbain or whatever anymore.."

Quickly, Moggle flew straight out of the cave.

"There's Moogle!" cried Sparkleworks.

"Actually, it's Moggle. Moogles don't live around here." corrected 6. "Anyways, did you find anything, Moggle?" Moggle showed her the footage she picked up. 6 nodded. "Alrighty then, Step 4: Aaron, go back out there and see if you can find the other DW's, minus 10, as well as Jeanie, Infra Red, Ultra Violet, Walter, Sierra, Jacob, Dawn, Brick, and anybody else with powers similar to theirs. Oh, and Zo too." 6 told him.

"Why can't you do it? You can read minds, too." asked Aaron.

"I'm supposed to be human, remember? I can't fly." 6 explained, gesturing towards Moggle.

"OK" said Aaron, then flew off.

"I'm tired of waiting!" said Kuz Agent, pacing around.

"I'm worried" agreed Kuz Raya.

Aaron, looking down at the ground from the sky, finally spotted his friends.

"Hey!" Aaron called out.

"Aaron! What's the news?" asked Mysti.

Aaron lowered himself so he was only a couple inches of the ground. "We need the DWs, minus 10, as well as Jeanie-" He paused to wave to his sister. "...Infra Red, Ultra Violet, Walter, Sierra, Jacob, Dawn, Brick, and Zo." he said, quoting 6 exactly.

"Why not me?" asked 10.

"I don't know" answered Aaron

"Never mind that, let's go see what 6 wants!" exclaimed 9. Everybody else nodded and followed Aaron back to the cave.

The PlanEdit

"7, invisibility cloaks for the people joining the party" commanded 6 once they got there. 7 obliged and tossed them to everyone. They put them on. "Now, we go inside. 1, save your voice. We may need it. 3, save your advice. Same reason. 4, don't take your glasses off unless you abso-tively, posi-lutely need to. 5, heal when necessary. 7, get your pen ready. We don't know what we'll need. 8, make sure you have animal backup ready. 9... your part comes later. Jeanie and Aaron, keep tabs on Bluraz using your mindreading skills. Aaron, use your telikinesis to save our rear ends if you need to. Infra Red, figure out what the heck you do, and use it to our advantage. Ultra Violet, same as 7. Also, figure out what that purple light thing of yours does. Sierra... I ain't sure what you do, but whatever it is, use it to our advantage. Jacob, make sure everybody stays together. Dawn, provide light. Zo, make sure Brick's ready for some serious smashing, and Walter, if our cloaks die, provide us all with invisibility. Everybody, understand?" 6 asked.

"Um...if I may.." Sierra said. They looked at her.

"What is it?" asked 6.

"I think... I think Mysti and Meagan better come too. Take my advise." Everybody nodded, and Ultra Violet drew two more cloaks.

"Jake, go find Mysti and Meagan and get them over here" said 6. Jacob nodded, then dashed off. He returned seconds later with Mysti and Meagan in tow."Ok get ready people, 'cuz we're going in." exclaimed 6.

"The question is, are we going to come back out?" said 5. 4 nodded.

"Great, thanks for the spoiler, 4" said 3 sarcastically.

"Never mind that, let's go!" exclaimed 6. Dawn used her finger as a lamp, and she and Jacob led the way.

Take everyone but 2Edit

"Jacob, are you sure you know where we're going?" Dawn asked nervously. Her light played off the shapes of the stalactities and stalagmites, as well as the moving figures of the invisible witches and wizards.

"Don't worry, Dawn. I know what I'm doing. Now, shush. This cave echoes, and the last thing we need is for Bluraz to hear us." Jacob whispered matter-of-factly. Suddenly, "Uh-oh" he panicked.

"What-oh?" 6 whispered back.

"Bluraz is coming closer..."

The woman walked swiftly across the cave floor. "I can't believe those little pests got in here!" she murmured angrily. "Just what I needed, a Earth witch, a PURE Earth witch, to open my entrance." Her expression turned even angrier. "Those little twerps aren't going to mess with my plan." She snapped her fingers, and who should appear but Sandy Dabug, all wrapped up in dark earth vines.

"Sandy?" asked 6.

"I don't recall her being here." murmered Jacob.

Bluraz pointed one sharp finger at the quivering firefly-witch, and commanded, "Take the powers of someone useful. It appears that the Pure Earth brat," she snarled out those last three words, "isn't the only one in here."

"B-but, I can't see any of them. They're invisible." Sandy whispered.

Bluraz grunted, then, with a wave of her hand, knocked off the invisibility cloaks, at the same time knocking Walter to the ground. The poor wizard was providing a force field, but the sudden shudder of Dark Earth made him fall. He laid in a crumpled heap next to Zo.

"Now, do it, girlie, or no freedom for you" Bluraz snarled at Sandy. Tentavely, Sandy raised her right hand and aimed it at Zo.

"Zo, run!" 6 whispered fiercely at her. But it was too late. Sandy had sucked out all of Zo's power. Now she was laying in a crumpled heap, near where Walter lay. Dawn gasped.

"What does she do?" Bluraz snarled.

"Sh-she time travels." Sandy stuttered.

Bluraz looked somewhat pleased. "Very well." she said. "Not what I had in mind, but I'll take it. Now take them away from here, girlie. Far away."

Sandy gave the group an apologetic look before snatching all of the heroes/heroines. Jacob saw this coming and, thinking quickly, pushed himself and Dawn out harm' s way, before Sandy teleported the rest of them into the future, leaving only Jacob and Dawn, trapped in a dark corner. Fortunately, Bluraz didn't see them.

"Are you alright?" Jacob asked Dawn. She nodded.

"Are you?" she asked back.

"I'm fine." he responded. At this point, both noticed the position they were in. Dawn was lying on the ground, and Jacob was basically on top of her. He quickly rolled off, and nonchalantly placed one hand behind his hand. Dawn giggled softly. "What's so funny?" he asked her.

"Nothing. It's just... you got off so fast." she giggled. Jacob looked at the ground "Am I embarrasing you?" she asked him.

"Kind of" he mumbled, quickly glancing at Dawn before turning away nervously. In that quick second, Jacob discovered that Dawn was, well... kinda pretty.

Dawn giggled some more. She didn't want Bluraz to hear her, she really didn't, but she couldn't help it. Jacob looked... kinda cute. Jacob put a finger to his lips "Shhh..." he warned.

Dawn stopped giggling. He was right. Bluraz was close.

"What was that?" she heard a voice snap.

They froze. Bluraz walked out of the shadows. "Ah, so miss some of my annoyances, yes? What might your names be?"

"Sarah and Ben." Jacob answered quickly.

Bluraz nodded. "How nice to meet you, Dawn and Jacob."

"If you already knew our names, why did you ask?" asked Dawn.

Bluraz ignored her. "The time has come. I will now drain the power from all of Kuzbain and become invincible."

Jacob took a step forward. "Not if we have a say in it." he said angrily.

Bluraz laughed. "Oh yes, the little, powerless boy and human girl is going to stop me, yes?"

Bluraz looked at Dawn's shocked expression and laughed. "Oh yes, girlie, I know about your past. Your father was a human, you spent your first years on Earth, yes, I know everything."

Dawn slowly looked straight at Bluraz, and slowly nodded. "Not everything. I know something you don't even know," she said softly. "Mom."

Back to the FutureEdit

Sandy teleported everybody except for Zo, Walter, Dawn, and Jacob back into Aya's time. Ironically, Aya was right there, searching for Moggle, who had dissapeared right after she talked to Felix - or was it before that? Either way, she had to get it back, or else Rex - the guy who updated Moggle to its current state - would kill her. Without looking, she bumped right into 6 in Aya's body, who was still holding the box that was holding Moggle. Realizing quickly that this was Aya Fuse in the legitimate flesh, 6 imediately transformed back into her normal state - or, at least, the body she was in after combining herself with 2. Staggering bacwards after the collision, Aya looked up at 6 and gasped when seeing 6's unsurged scars. Thinking quickly, 6 let Moggle out of the box, exclaiming "We think this is yours".

"There you are, Moggle! Where'd you find it?"

"In... Prettyville.... somewhere...."

"Figures. Anyways, I have to tell my brother I found Moggle! Thanks a lot!" Aya called before running in the opposite direction. Turning around, 6 surveyed the many gaping faces. Rolling her eyes, she gestured in the direction where Aya had ran off to and said "Ladies and gentle-folk, Aya Fuse." A unanimous "Ohh" followed. "And now-"

6 was interrupted by several police sirens. She finished with "We get the heck outta here!" Meagan teleported everyone to what appeared to be an empty forest. As if on cue, Sandy got on her knees and started sobbing... or at least, that's how it appeared to the human eye.

"Please don't hurt me. Bluraz, sh-she, like, makes you-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we ain't got no time for sob stories" 6 cut in "'Sides, we already know. We've seen evil bad guys at work before. Now, as I was saying before we were oh-so-rudely interrupted, I say-"

Sweet EscapeEdit

Jacob felt bad for ducking out on Dawn, but he had things to do. He thanked his elven instincts that he was able to escape undetected. He flew back as quickly as his super-speed would take him until he found the others, sitting around a campfire that Calista provide for them, and eating the food that Zafrina and Senna thought to bring. Well, the humans were, anyways. The witches and wizards were throwing the morsels either at the fire or at each other when Jacob pulled up.

"Dude, what up? You look like you was just in an evil witch lair" J. Smith asked. Since he was a "gangsta", he could pull it off.

"Hmm... I wonder why that is?" John said, making a big show of pretending to be confused.

"Surely not because I just narrowly escaped an evil witch's lair." Jacob panted. After traveling that far that fast, it was a miracle that he was still hovering.

"Seriously, boy, what going on?" Smilez asked, before taking a swig of her Coke Zero. Since she was Smilez, she could also pull off the "gangsta" talk. Or was it her poor enunciation skills?

"What's going on? Well, Zo and Walter are KO'd-"

"For those of ya who ain't tuned in tah the video game lingo, KO'd's simply shorhand for "knocked out", it don't mean dat nobody's dead, K'K's?" Smilez clarified. Snap breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yeah. Anyways, they're KO'd, and everybody else except for Dawn was teleported into who know's when." Jacob finished.

"Everyone except for WHO!?!" Becca exclaimed.

"Dawn. Are you sure you don't have a hearing problem?" Amber replied.

"Forget that. Ya left the girl behind? Good job, bro." J. Smith applauded.

"Well what was I supposed to do? She just reunited with her mom!" Jacob screamed. Realizing what he just said, he instantly clapped his hands over his mouth. J. Smith ceased applauding for a split second, then resumed. "I-I said n-nothing!" Jacob tried to cover. Becca stared at him. Apparently she wan't the one with the hearing problem.

"Ok, I have a few questions. Why is Dawn still there, why are you here, and who's her mom?" "What do you mean her mom? Don't you mean our? She's you sister." Becca nodded. "Yeah, but I was created. Dawn's my adoptive sister. You didn't know that?" Jacob shook his head. "So really, who's her mom?" Jacob hesitated. He could lie, but it wouldn't work out. If he lied, then she'd realize soon enough. "Bluraz." he whispered. "Oh no." said Becca. "Oh no. We've got to go rescue her, why'd you leave her? WHY?!" Before Jacob could reply, Becca started talking again. "I bet she's going to time travel right out of there and fix everything. That's what she'd do. This present probably won't even exist anymore in a few seconds."

Mother-Daughter TimeEdit

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