Sarah Debonair is a young, cute, smart girl. Being daughter of Professor N. Stein, she is interested in evil stuff. However, in her early days, her dad forced her to be a guinea big to his latest death laser. Sarah, of course, refuses, and with her persistent dad keeps on forcing her to, she raged on a fight and eventually backfired the death laser. It, however, misses the shot and send the laboratory into flames. And since then, her father is one of her worst nemesis's.

She now lives as a rich orphan with her mom, which is also against N. Stein, on somewhere above the clouds (she prefers that instead of "on the Mountain Peak"). She is now developing ideas for the government and secretly planning to destroy N. Stein.

However, she is not evil all the time. And that's the reason she disclosed the "Kills" last name. She, when down from the mountain. is just a regular metropolis girl everybody knows that always took the midnight train going to Phinville.