November Stein Debonair Kills, or Professor N. Stein, or simply called Stan, which is a nickname that he hates (he tries to convince everyone that his name rhymes with Einstein but no one ever call him Einstein.) is an evil scientist with a lab coat on everywhere he goes, and of course another member of the LOVEMUFFIN. He is far more evil than any other evil scientists, even Doof, but he always fail on his attempts to bring Dill down.

Life HistoryEdit

Back in his hometown, Lima Islands, a small town that is passed with a tollroad and has a beautiful the WORST environment, he is trained by his father, Wedgi Bull Edwan and his mom Kristina Ill Anerd, N. Stein is the only one in the Kills family with a positive name (and a different family name, perhaps to make more effect?). He never goes to school and studied bullying, killing, street art, pickpocketing, creating weaponry such as bombs, using a knife to cut carrots people's head, gun handling, pie-throwing skills, et cetera with his crook mommy and daddy. But he is only interested with the evil of the studies, so he decided to be an evil scientist.

One day, when Stan is 18, he moved away to Flat-Top City, a city where buildings are located on top of Mesas. He studied to grand guru Kik Mai As (Made In China!) about science and also the evil side of science. One day, he was launched to space (tied to a test missile) to test his strength and the greatness of his first evil device, the K9 Bomb. He releases his prototype from 50000 feet, and releasing himself too for a free fall. The bomb hit the city and obliterates it with massive nuclear radiation. And as he predicted, the winds of the force swept his body to Circular Lagoon, a town 100 miles away from Flat-Top City, with a circular lagoon on it. He landed hard on the Casino, and broke in through a glass, through a room where a couple is not present inside.

Meanwhile, there is an explosion (of joy) inside the casino building, where the LOVEMUFFIN is assembling to watch the prototype. Stan was then congratulated and elected president of LOVEMUFFIN. He then bombed Lima Islands before moving away to the suburbs of Phinville.

He then married a woman he found on Facebook. However, their relationship does not go for too long. As soon as his wife knows he is an evil scientist, she gets into an argument and finally got the price-she divorces and lives with his daughter.