Meagan Symphonnee is a female teen that moved to Phinville from Alaska when she was a little baby. Just like Phineas, she lost her dad, and never found anyone to play with, until she met Vicky Victoria Anderson at the West Heights Science Fair.

Early LifeEdit

Meagan is just one little happy girl that likes to go out to play with the Alaskan snow. She is a only one daughter, and when she's three, disaster. They were having a cold picnic along a river, and when Meagan and her Dad just went to play snowball fight, an avalanche hit the area. Meagan and her mom ran away from the site, but her dad is just too powerless to run as fast as Meagan did, and he was struck with the avalanche. After that picnic, Meagan will never visit the river again.

Going to PhinvilleEdit

Fourteen years in age, her mom decided to move away from Alaska. Meagan is actually pretty pleased with this decision, because she can't get enough of the situation. Then away they go, small stuffs stuck in their car, with lorries unpacking the house behind. They move away to a beautiful yet affordable city to live on in California-Phinville. They stayed firstly in the Southwest part of town-the first part of town with the first settlements.

Teenage YearsEdit

Schooling at the West Heights International High, Meagan is being abandoned and left behind by students. But it all changed. The first science fair in Phinville that she attended is where she will be admired as the best Science Student of the year.