On the PF Followers Wiki, we have many characters. This is a list of all characters, organized by who they follow.

Agent's FollowersEdit

Picture Name Description
GoldfishShocked! Goldfish Darkskull An idiotic genius. Member of the TTT. Saltine's step-brother.
EmoWinterHunter Hunter Monsteiro The leader of The Monster Hunters
image coming soon... Tom Thymar Hunter's best friend
image coming soon... Luca Thymar A plant/animal witch. Tom's cousin.
image coming soon... Arrow A pterosaur. Hunter's pet.
image coming soon... Cookie A HamBat. Tom's pet
image coming soon... Ladii, Sarato, and Miko 3 pterosaurs. Arrow's offspring. Luca's pets.
image coming soon... Saltine Darkskull A size-changing witch. Goldfish's step-sister.
image coming soon... Asduf Jekkyl An emotion-controlling wizard. Famous back Home, he fled to Earth to escape his screaming fans.
Dark Skull Ritz Darkskull (AKA Dark Skull A Vampwolf and Goldfish's cousin. Saltine's step-cousin.
image coming soon... Sasquatch A sasquatch with an IQ of 250. The smartest character.
image coming soon... Blud Vayne A vampire with a brittish accent.
image coming soon... Skippy Jr. A reptillian being.
image coming soon... Inferno Blaze III (AKA 'Ferno) A small fuzzie. Has the power to engulf himself in flames.
image coming soon... Robird A highly advanced robotic penguin.
image coming soon... Rawri A 5-year old brontosaurus with super powers. A member of the ETOSF.
image coming soon... Shay A spike-less hedgehog with super powers. A member of the ETOSF.
image coming soon... The Incredible Swetsox A mutant sock.
image coming soon... Sok Spydar A spider with a sock for a cape.

RayaQuest's FollowersEdit


Name Description

Emilylover224's FollowersEdit

Smilez221's FollowersEdit

Picture Name Description
Number 1
Number 1 The leader of the DecaWitches, or DW's for short. Her power is to control music.
Number 2
Number 2 One of the DW's. Her power is shape-shifting and voice-imitation.
Number 3
Number 3 A DW. Her power is that she knows exactly what to do when.
Number 4
Number 4 A DW. Her power is to control books and to see the future.
Number 5
Number 5 A DW. Her power is that she can control both the human and witch bodies.
Coming Soon Number 6 A DW. Her power is to control technology.
Coming Soon Number 7 A DW. Her power is to control art.
Coming Soon Number 8 A DW. Her power is to control animals.
Coming Soon Number 9 A DW. Her power is to control the geneology of all creatures.
JoJo Parkson
Number 10 A DW who resides in Danville with Phineas and the gang. She lost her powers - to control the eight elements - a while ago.
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Zacbio's FollowersEdit

Daisy's FollowersEdit

Name Picture Description
Alice the lone warriorB
A sword-toting warrior who happens to be in possession of the AstroAmulet...
Daisy Hernandez
Daisy Hernandez
A "N.E.R.D" who is very close to Alice....
A Risbian warrior who will do anything to save Alice....
Didi Martinez-Hernandez
Didi Martinez-Hernandez
Daisy's adoptive sister who has a crush on a certain green-haired guy.....
Mijanda coming soon Alice's caretaker and tutor from Sirius....
Eric Nevis coming soon Daisy's best friend and Alice's punching bag....
Matt Hoover coming soon Didi's best friend and Mateo's counterpart....

Other charactersEdit

This section is characters who appear in a story, but aren't anyone's followers.

Picture Name Description
coming soon.. Bluraz

An evil witch

coming soon... Zinnah Alice's evil twin sister.....