Goldfish Darkskull
Goldfish shocked at something
Vital statistics
Title Cloud Cuckoo Lander
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Those clowns in congress did it again!
Health Fine
Level 78
Location Danville

Goldfish Darkskull is an "Idiotic Genius" as some describe him, also a cloud cuckoo lander, as tropers describe him. He has a hat for every occasion and can act quite well.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Has been turned into a Reindeer, Fish, Worm, Mongoose, and Platypus ("The Truth? Or the DARE?" "Story Ideas Blog" "RP in IRC")

    In his super form

  • Has 512 hats ("Q&A Goldfish Style!" [see PF Fanon])
  • Learned the secret to time travel ("Random Blog for Followers" [see PF Fanon)
  • In the new Team Improbable, Goldfish becomes IdiotDude, a new superhero.
  • Smilez221 and the DecaWitches all call him "Goldylocks".
  • He is in the T.T.T. (Time Travel Trio) with Dawn and Zo.


Agent GoldfishEdit

Goldfish and Agent have a... complicated relationship. First off, they seem to be annoyed with each other most of the time, though mostly on Agent's side. They do, however, generally care for eachother and usually team up and Goldfish has called Agent his best friend ("Goldfish's Wish")

Saltine DarkskullEdit

Saltine is Goldfish's step-sister. She is a witch, he is a human (some may deny that he is human, though). They have been seperated the majority of their lives, so they're only just getting to know eachother very well.


Goldius is Goldfish's pet hydra. He was once almost eaten by him, but managed to escape and tame him. Goldius was first drawn by Number 7 and then taken over by Hades. ("Adventures in Mythology I: Ancient Greece") Currently resides in Goldfish's backyard feeding on cows.

Alice the Lone WarriorEdit

Alicce is a lone warrior. She thinks that Goldfish is a complete idiot, and cannot stand him. She daily hits in on the head, hoping he would shut up.