Abiagail is half-human half fairy. She is Isabella's cousin and lives in Ohio (in human form) and Fairyland (in fairyform). She can change form at will, and she likes to be kind.

Abiagail in Human Form

She is really nice to Isabella and her family, but the other full fairies make fun of her for being part human. She loves soccer and kayaking and loves playing fairlyball in fairlyland.

Apperance (Human form)Edit

Abiagail (in human form) has bright green eyes and blonde hair. She wears a purple vest over a green and white shirt, blue jeans, pink shoes and a red bow.

Apperance (Fairy form)Edit


Abiagail in fairy form

Abiagail wears a blue dress, a green-and-white undershirt, pink shoes and a red bow. Her fairly form is much smaller than her human form. Her wings are quite big and her hair is shorter than most girl fairies.